element14 and SYN/HAK movie making project announced

At SYN/HAK, we were approached by element14/Newark/Premier Farnell to create a movie to celebrate their 200,000th member.

Earlier, we completed the movie making project and today element14 officially announced it to the community here:


SYN/HAK blogged about it too here:


and here:


Since the movie’s purpose is to ask a choice about who wins between two contenders, users have the ability to vote here:


SYN/HAK also posted a video status update in August about this:


I’m glad I was able to contribute some time and help with the project. I learned many moons later that there is a special audio clip that the members made, using my own silly commentary before and after the actual video was shot 🙂

I’d say, if you would like to give that a listen, do come to SYN/HAK and we can share it with you 😉