Register latest version in IIS

A sysadmin recently mentioned to me:

“Every time I go to a website’s properties under IIS, on the tab, I don’t seem to get access to Configure buttons”

I gotta hand it to him, my mind instantly shouted out .. you have to register with IIS.

Here’s how:

Step1: Locate the installed location of the latest installation. Typically it is something like:

Step2: Add that location you found to the system’s PATH environment variable (temporarily)

Step3: Open command prompt and type in:
aspnet_regiis -r

What the above command does is (afaik) IIS by itself doesn’t know anything about so when the command is finished, IIS is sort of configured to understand all possible types of .Net framework languages, and can happily serve them.

Step4: Close command prompt

Step5: Restart your website

Step6: Access the website’s properties, and be on your way to configure IIS’s global and local settings!

Another cool thing is that framework folder contains compilers like:

csc.exe for c#
vbc.exe for visual basic

that IIS can then hit and serve the websites. If you’re learning about aspnet_regiis.exe afresh, do type:

aspnet_regiis /?

to learn about the various options

Hope this helps someone in their attempt to understand configuration under IIS, or you can be lazy like me and read all about it on MSDN