Welcome readers and viewers!

I am @gsvolt aka G.

This is my personal and professional blog.

On this blog you will find my thoughts regarding events I’ve been to, whether musical, technical or otherwise. Also, you will find things I’ve been keeping busy with. I’m sure if you browse my content enough, there will something you might find useful.

I’d like to mention that all opinions here are my own, and always the digital assets I create here shall be in the public domain for anyone to do whatever they want.

At the moment, I reside in North-east Ohio. Akron to be precise. So, expect to find more local information from the region.

Really, the goal is to share and create as much content as I can to improve the status quo as is the case on the internet.

If you see any posts here, please understand that I chose to blog about it, not only because I found the subject matter useful, but I hope others will too.

As of 2017, I’m living happily in the Akron area, working full time as a Software Developer, mentoring the Akron Makerspace (formerly SYN/HAK synhak.org), and taking some engagements under my own company. If you ever feel like contacting me, the best way is via email: gsvolt7 at gmail d-o-t com

If this blog isn’t enough, please find things I have contributed to the internet at these fine locations:


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