Akron Makerspace (formerly syn/hak)


Akron Makerspace (formerly SYN/HAK) is a 501(c)3 charity located in downtown Akron that was founded by Chris, Torrie, Devin and myself since 2012 and I take the formation, and development of the organization very seriously as it is my way of giving back to the local community I live in.

I invite you to learn more about our organization through the following links online and hopefully one day in person as well:

Here’s a list of important events related to our organization:

20140522: Paula Schleis (Akron Beacon Journal) publishes “Akron programmers offer assistance to governments and civic organizations on national ‘hackathon’ weekend” to share with citizens synHAK’s organization of Akron Civic Hackathon, part of National Day of Civic Hacking


20140228: Paula Schleis (Akron Beacon Journal) publishes “Volunteers who created a free community workshop space will show off their new home Saturday


20140214: Akron Community Foundation presents SYN/HAK $15000 charitable grant

20131028: Paula Schleis (Akron Beacon Journal) publishes a front-page cover story on SYN/HAK titled “Machinists, engineers and artists willing to share their toys and knowledge at free community workshop space


20130105: Carol Biliczky (Akron Beacon Journal) publishes “Akron hacker group offers creative space, instruction, neighborliness


20130105: Opening Day .

20120604: Jeff St. Clair (WKSU) interviews synHAK part of the program “Exploradio – A tour of maker culture

WKSU News Exploradio A tour of maker culture
WKSU News Exploradio A tour of maker culture

20120221: State of Ohio accepts SYN/HAK in their records as SYN/HAK Inc.




Following is a list of talks I have personally video taped at SYN/HAK:

20150429: Mike G hosts Cooking with Curry at synHAK

20130724Torrie Fischer presents Lets All Git during Code for America Skill Share hosted at SYN/HAK

20130413: Cleveland Mini-Maker Faire 2013

20130320Doug Costlow talks about 3D Printing at SYN/HAK

20130217: Book Scanning by Jeff Nielson



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