Cleveland Mini-Maker Faire 2014 Planning Session

Cleveland Mini-Maker Faire 2014 is scheduled 3/29 between 10a-6p at the Cleveland Public Library. I highly encourage you to attend. I plan to be there the whole day.

Link to the event’s website:

I was able to attend the Cleveland Mini-Maker Faire 2014 Planning Session today.

I took some videos, thought I’d share them with the community.

Important take home for me from the planning session:

  • Applications do get denied. The event is competitive for obvious reasons
  • Make magazine has featured a post from James in their online magazine:
  • During the session, I did briefly step in front of the camera to make a case for ‘if you host speakers, the speakers have public content that they don’t mind sharing, then video tape them for those who were not able to attend as we all have been in that situation’.
  • Interactive projects and makers rule Maker Faire events
  • Things involving fire (and other makers that cannot be hosted at the Cleveland Public Library), automatically put on a list for other events like Ingenuity Festival ( or Bal Ingenieux (
  • This year will feature 100 makers
  • Vaudeville act from Pinch and Squeal (

Looking forward to this years Ingenuity Festival. 

For the super impatient, two links that will lead you to the video playlist on youtube:

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Cleveland Mini-Maker Faire 2013

Before the event:

I had a lot of respect for the organizers of Ingenuity Fest since I started dating my lovely wife a few years ago. I have some fond memories of spending time at Ingenuity Fest because of the types of activities and artists the festival promotes.

The organizers of the event expressed a desire in 2013 to hold a Mini-Maker Faire in Cleveland, and that allowed me to – for a lack of a better word – get really excited, in fact enough to assist them in any which way I could. Here’s James Krouse the Director of Programming describing the event:

I picked up the phone and spoke with James Krouse briefly a few months before the event. I was glad I called.

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