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I wanted to write down my first steps with the Arduino setup. So here goes:

I started reading Adafruits document
From FTDI’s website downloaded drivers (VCP) for my Arduino Uno
Installation was real simple, from FTDI’s Mac OSX installation guide, I noted a few self check steps

  • plug in the device
  • if device is installed properly you’ll see entries in /dev directory eg: /dev/cu.usbserial-xxxx or tty.usbserial-xxx where xxx is devices serial number or location string; in my case the values for ls /dev |  grep usb was: cu.usbmodemfd131 tty.usbmodemfd131

Next, I simply connected the Arduino to the usb jack and there was blinking orange and steady green light

This concludes Adafruits step 0

Step 1

I downloaded Arduino’s mac osx software from their download page

After installing it, I ran the software and went to Tools -> Board (Arduino Uno was already selected) and under Tools->Port I selected tty.usbmodemfd131 as my port



File->Upload to I/O board

I connected the red LED (short leg in GND and long in 13) and the red light started to blink !

This concludes end of step 1

Step 2

I changed 1000 to 500, 400, 4, 1500 and saw the LED react in different ways.

My fav keyboard  shortcuts in the process were APPLE-S (save), APPLE-R (compile), APPLE-U (upload)

This concludes Step 2

Standby for Step 3