Notacon 8

This year’s notacon was exciting for me personally. Met a few really talented people and held discussions about tech and the industry. Thought I’d post my experience to share with those who weren’t able to attend.

Table of Contents

Topic: DualCore’s performance

Singer: DualCore


Since my last attendance at notacon (about three years ago), DualCore has improved leaps and bounds. For the time he performed on stage, he was amazing. It was cool to see his songs timed to the led lights on stage and 3D backgrounds as well. I particularly was impressed by the songs he wrote just for the event and the songs in which he actually got people to sing along with him. To his advantage the stage was divided the crowd in half so it was simpler. Later when I came home I checked Rapid7’s upload of his video at DefCon in which he sang about metasploit the tool you’d usually use if you were penetration testing systems on a network. Amazing stuff.

Topic: Deep Magic

Speaker: Rob from Rapid7


I was late to the party. Rob had started thu and through saturday wished to educate all attendees of Deep Magic on penetration testing. To this end he and his team mate brought an entire network to notacon as an open lab in which you can hack into a sequence of machines. Granted I didn’t know much about penetration testing in general, but after Saturday’s session was over, I walked away with knowledge of Metasploit a tool that’s written in Ruby and makes real easy to test systems’ security. Couple metasploit with already available linux, microsoft, apple command line tools and security testing should be real easy to perform. During the sessions, the conversations between and Rob were in my opinion the most beneficial security exchanges at Notacon period! I learned that @egyp7 is the current maintainer of metasploit, and that the Ethical Hacker Network recently published egyp7’s slide deck as it pertains to metasploit. After Rob’s session I couldn’t help but wonder why all other talks were video recorded, but not this one – he enlightened me to the subject matter of penetration testing of systems like windows etc. which might not do well on the recorded media for obvious reasons. Anyway, if you’re reading this, do hop over to for the most recent updates that his team posts. Simply put the material here could make a security expert out of anyone. Ok, I just passed into whimsy there.. but you get the point.

Topic: Locksport

Speaker: Bill Sempf @sempf

One on one training: Jon Smiles


In the morning I bumped into Omal and learned he was heading over Lockpicking village. After a minor security setback of my own, I decided I needed some mental reset so I decided to join him. Later on I’d realize that I was in for more than I could imagine.

I came face to face with Jon Smiles, and his huge collection of locks. After a brief intro on a basic lock picking set and its advantages, Jon convinced me to try my hand at his locks with 1 through 5 pins. A half an hour into it, I had them all open. After that he did show me an unconventional lock and asked me to pick that as well. 20 mins later it was open. Immediately after, I walked into Bill’s talk where he explained various nuggets of knowledge about locksport and the global community that holds competitions for opening locks of various designs. He also was sharp in pointing out that not everyone into locksport is malicious, very true!