Sarah Dutkiewicz and Eric Wise speak at Cleveland WPF User Group

I parked my car and started walking towards the main entrance of DeVry University.

I started a conversation with someone who looked like a student walking to the university.

“Are you here for the Cleveland WPF User Group”, I said.

I received a nod of the head, and a casual request to peek at a water bottle that read “Microsoft MVP”.

I smiled, and remembered.. Sarah is the MVP, and by extension tonight’s speaker!

That’s how I met Sarah, the presenter at Cleveland WPF User Group for the very first time. She was kind enough to permit me to blog about the recent developments at Microsoft that she covered.

Before the talk started, Eric Wise introduced Software Craftsmanship Guild, a new company that he recently launched in the North-East Ohio region. It aims to provide new job applicants the requisite skills to be adept at their work and at the same time allow enterprises to participate in his hiring network.

Check out a video of him introducing the new startup here:

Sam Nasr, friend, and organizer of the Cleveland WPF User Group and Cleveland .Net SIG, announced that we will be meeting at DeVry University from now on, and then introduced Sarah:

Next, Sarah demo’d a cool new website from Microsoft that allows the end user that has a touch enabled device to make music on the fly, all of this via Internet Explorer only:

Rest of the event I post below for those who weren’t able to make it and wish to learn about the newer technologies. As time permits, I will be editing this post to include hyperlinks, links to presentations etc. so that me or anyone at the event or anyone that missed the event can quickly reference the information:

After the talk we went to Mavis Winkles.. had a great chat with everyone!

Drinks at Mavis Winkles
Drinks at Mavis Winkles