Linux Mint on Acer C720 Chromebook

A friend of mine recently was struggling to install Linux Mint on his Acer C720 Chromebook.

I took on the challenge and succeeded.

Here’s a summary of my steps I performed to succeed at this:

  • Setup the system for developer mode using google’s documentation
  • Create a Linux Mint bootable USB
  • Login to chromebook with your google credentials
  • Get to a shell by pressing CTRL-ALT-RightArrow (basically the former F2 key)
  • Login with root (use root as the password)
  • Type in crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1
  • Type in reboot (system will reboot)
  • Once it comes to life, you’ll see the regular “Yellow Exclamation” screen, during which you can press CTRL-L
  • You’ll get a prompt asking you to press ESC to change boot sequence, go ahead
  • At this point you should see the Linux Mint boot screen, press TAB
  • replace — with mem=1G
  • Continue with the installation of Linux Mint as normal
  • Once its setup, every time you boot up the system you will have to press CTRL-L on login screen on the Red Exclamation screen to boot from the hard drive and skip the chromeos check up front

The key I found was in the mem=1G and the crosssytem commands.

I also read that Google’s newer models will have better support for installing other distros.

But since my friend had an older model, I thought I’d give it a go. I’m glad I did.

He now has a full blown Linux system on his chromebook and is happy as a clam!

Chromebook specs:

  • peppy c6a-v3c-a86
  • acer c720 chromebook (7077.95.0)
  • memory: 1988M 9767 MB/s
  • SeaBIOS version -20131018_145217-build121-m2
  • SC2 M2 SSD ATA-10 Hard-Disk (57241 MiBytes)

Thought I’d write this up for the other 100s of folks that would rather stick with their working chromebooks and enjoy Linux Mint on them ūüôā

Edit: After posting this post, I cross posted this to reddit and another redditor advised of an alternate solution by an image creator called distroshare:

Meri Skiera presents at Akron Breakfast Club

I attended Akron Breakfast Club in August and was fortunate enough to video tape Meri Skiera’s talk on Ronald McDonald House of Akron¬†(

If you’d like to re-live the talk, here’s a direct link to it’s playlist:

And here are the individual video parts:


This video is released in the public domain un-edited. I hope it is a valuable addition to RMH’s collection of videos found here:¬†

I had no idea their team provided the services they do in downtown Akron. I look forward to the team completing their upgrades so many more families can avail their services.

I am a Portage Lakes Young Professional

I woke up this morning and went to work as normal when I got a call from my Mother-in-law informing me about the fact that my picture was on the front page of the Akron Beacon Journal.

I asked “I hope its for something good”

She said, “Yes!”

I came home that evening and my 6 year old son told me “Daddy, I saw your photo in the newspaper!”. He was super excited about¬†it too.

Here’s the article the newspaper published:

I’m glad to be one of the young professionals they talked about that networks and builds things in the local community together with other partners.

If you happen to be in Portage Lakes area and are interested in taking things to the next level, do join the facebook group below and network with cool folks:

Hat tip to Nick, Katie and Kaley for the beginning this journey.

I’m simply glad to be a small part of it.

Jesse Vincent from shows Model01 at synHAK

Devin mentioned to me earlier that Jesse Vincent from was scheduled to show Model01 his new Kickstarter project out and I was really excited to witness it first hand.

In the past I’ve bought a Cherry key’d keyboard and was super impressed with the tactile feedback I got when I pressed the keys on it. As a software engineer, its the best keyboard you can type on. Or so I thought!

When I saw the Model01 I was instantly drawn to its butterfly shape. Jesse called it an evolution in design and it looking like a butterfly was just that.

Either way, from Jesse’s story in making this laptop, I learned that:

  1. There may be many impossible blockades to your project, but if you have a steady head about it, opportunities will present themselves allowing you to forge ahead with your vision
  2. Sometimes simple but inconvenient design decisions stick around for decades as is evidenced by the design of our current keyboards. Why aren’t they more ergonomic from the start? Even on products designed at say Apple? I hope keyboardio forces designers of the future to question such designs and improve upon them, possibly setting new standards in the process.
  3. Some people not on his roadtrip will not get to touch the prototype before its manufactured. Well, I hope me video-ing the speech Jesse gave might atleast get them to appreciate the effort that went into manufacturing it.

Here’s the link to the playlist of three videos:

And here are the video parts:

I also was very proud and surprised that Eric Meyer from Cleveland decided to spend time at synHAK with his family. Apparently he likes custom designed keyboards. I caught up with him and am looking forward to the things he makes with his family.

Enjoy the pictures from the event below:

Ken Lefebvre presents Xamarin at .NET SIG

My colleague Ken was about to present on the topic of Xamarin at our local .NET Special Interest Group. I was in town and had time for video taping the talk.

I added a playlist here:

All the video parts are linked here:




Learn about how Xamarin can provide you the ability to write C# and deploy to multiple platforms.

Ed Smeltz presents How to speed up your bash scripts at Akron Linux User Group

I attended Akron Linux User Group today as Ed Smeltz was about to deliver his talk titled “How to speed up your bash scripts”.

Meetup link:

I got a chance to speak to him about his voluminous book and learned that he has come up with quite a human to script table of contents in his new book titled “High Performance Linux Shell Programming Reference 2015 Edition”.

The book is available to buy at here:

I uploaded all the videos from the night and added them to a playlist found here:


Individual videos I link below for convenience:


I promised Ed that I will share knowledge of his book with others.

I did so on reddit’s bash sub-reddit here:

As well as on #bash channel on irc.