Startup Bus – The Maker Bus 2016 Panel

Startup Bus MAKE 2016 - Akron Launch Party

When Will (@yaworsw) invited me to Startup Bus – The Maker Bus 2016 Panel Discussion, I was speechless. A MAKER centric STARTUP BUS in AKRON, OHIO!

I was speechless for two reasons:

  1. I knew I could not participate in the Maker Bus as a rider. This made me sad, as early April I committed to a full-time software developer position which conflicted with Startup Bus Akron’s schedule.
  2. I chose to participate in the panel. This made me happy.

I told Will that he can expect me at the panel discussion.

Today, I shared my observations and distilled my past experiences of being involved in the founding of The Akron Makerspace during the Startup Bus panel discussion with riders, organizers and my fellow panelists – @heybue, @TinyCircuits, @courtneygras, and @zachthinks.

I’m glad I could share my thoughts with a group of people that are genuinely interested in creating new realities in Akron equally as much as I am.

The Startup Bus main webpage asks:

Are you crazy enough to jump on a bus, conceive, build and launch a startup?

After the panel discussion, I learned that the answer to this question is a resounding: YES!

The Akron Startup Bus – with its theme of MAKE, has participants not only from Akron, but other neighboring states, which validates their concept that – makers/creators will create no matter what – even if it means traveling to a different state to do so. I knew from years past that @wastebits participated in the 2012 Startup Bus in Silicon Valley and later became a successful startup in Akron and one of the sponsors for the event. It was great to see them sharing the spirit forward and providing others a similar platform to build upon – but empowering them in their hometown so Akronites don’t have to make their trek to other Startup Bus cities. This year the city choices in North America are: Akron, Mexico City, Vancouver, San Francisco, Tampa, and New York City.

Its going to be a great time for all riders this year. I hope they succeed at finding solutions to real-world challenges and create startups in the process.

I thank the following organizing and supporting sponsors for putting City of Akron on the global map:

It is the sponsor’s affirmation that will inspire participants this year to create new startups.

I wish everyone participating safe travels en route to TechStars in Boulder and wish them luck. Akron’s done it once. Its time to do it again.


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