Julie Lerman speaks at Bit Factory in Akron

NB: Thanks to @sadukie, @eswise, @ardalis and @thebitfactory, Akron got a real treat: Julie Lerman (@julielerman) visited and spoke about https://github.com/aspnet/EntityFramework

I learned from Sarah that Julie Lerman was scheduled to talk at the Bit Factory in Akron. At my current project we’re using Entity Framework 6 and I felt like it would make sense to learn about Entity Framework 7 and the new stuff from Julie as I have read one of her books in the past and learned a lot about the topic.

I’m glad I attended the talk. I offered the organizers the option to video tape the speech, but Julie didn’t like that idea (possibly due to a conflict with a pending Pluralsight course).

Most of what follows can be found summarized in her Pluralsight courses that have been published and will be published in the future. You can also feel free to read her thoughts directly at her blog here: http://thedatafarm.com/blog/

More specifically if you wish to find notes on Entity Framework 7, head over to the .NET blog here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/

Discussed during the talk:

  • Julie runs Vermont Code Camp. If you’re in Vermont, do stop by and say hello
  • Snapshots are arriving in EF7 and will make source control systems manage your migrations 🙂
  • Entity Framework 7 is to be used in sync with ASP.NET 5 (use Entity Framework 6 for enterprise projects as it is going to be supported for quite a while)
  • Don’t have a Windows system, no worries. NET5 DNX allows you to code in C# on Linux and Mac as well
  • EDMX is deprecated
  • 7 is not backwards compatible with 6
  • 7 is a complete re-write (thank god!)
  • InMemoryDatabase Provider is the new hotness
  • Latest documentation can be found here: http://docs.efproject.net/en/latest/
  • Cool database providers for EntityFramework 7:
  • You can help by submitting PR’s on github similar to how Erik provided npgsql to connect to PostgreSQL):
  • Still being worked on:
    • Complex Types (value object)
    • Explicit Loading
    • Rich Logs
    • Deeper Change Tracking API
    • Stored Procedure Mappings (SaveChanges)
    • Connection Resiliency

Additional reads:

Event Details from Event Brite (for completeness):

EF7 Who are you and what have you done to my ORM Tickets Akron Eventbrite




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