Jesse Vincent from shows Model01 at synHAK

Devin mentioned to me earlier that Jesse Vincent from was scheduled to show Model01 his new Kickstarter project out and I was really excited to witness it first hand.

In the past I’ve bought a Cherry key’d keyboard and was super impressed with the tactile feedback I got when I pressed the keys on it. As a software engineer, its the best keyboard you can type on. Or so I thought!

When I saw the Model01 I was instantly drawn to its butterfly shape. Jesse called it an evolution in design and it looking like a butterfly was just that.

Either way, from Jesse’s story in making this laptop, I learned that:

  1. There may be many impossible blockades to your project, but if you have a steady head about it, opportunities will present themselves allowing you to forge ahead with your vision
  2. Sometimes simple but inconvenient design decisions stick around for decades as is evidenced by the design of our current keyboards. Why aren’t they more ergonomic from the start? Even on products designed at say Apple? I hope keyboardio forces designers of the future to question such designs and improve upon them, possibly setting new standards in the process.
  3. Some people not on his roadtrip will not get to touch the prototype before its manufactured. Well, I hope me video-ing the speech Jesse gave might atleast get them to appreciate the effort that went into manufacturing it.

Here’s the link to the playlist of three videos:

And here are the video parts:

I also was very proud and surprised that Eric Meyer from Cleveland decided to spend time at synHAK with his family. Apparently he likes custom designed keyboards. I caught up with him and am looking forward to the things he makes with his family.

Enjoy the pictures from the event below:


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