Two excitements in May 2014; Call for help

Couple of exciting things to share with everyone in the month of May.

Excitement1: National Day of Civic Hacking 2014

Knight Foundation would like to partner with the community (technical and business) in Akron to schedule National Day of Civic Hacking ( Of course they would like to know whether the community plans to implement any civic minded projects in two days flat, so I thought I should share their offer with everyone.

I find it sad that in Akron there isn’t such an event already planned. I was reviewing the National Day of Civic Hacking (Columbus) and was mighty impressed with collaboration with the local community. More on them here:

I’d like to see following organizations that I am a big fan of involved in this in some fashion:

This will involve:

Excitement2: Chet Ramey will speak at Akron Linux User Group

Chet Ramey, current maintainer of Bourne Again SHell (bash) is scheduled to speak at Akron Linux Users Group (

This is awesome!

I last heard Chet speak at Link-State 2012 (an ACM group at Case Western University)

It was the best discourse on free software development I could have witnessed. Even more important than hearing Richard Stallman at a college event in India a long time back.

In this honor, I will plan an Akron Programming Languages meetup ( soon which I hope will meet the following expectations:

  • potentially be scheduled at different days as well as times (to accommodate various types of attendees)
  • the week before Chet’s talk, watch together Chet’s video from Link-State in preparation for his arrival in Akron and collect questions for him
  • during these pre-events, new bash users as well as experienced ones can collaborate and appreciate the language together, prior to Chet’s arrival at Akron Linux User Group.
  • hopefully discuss patches for bugs that the community has submitted to bash’s newsgroup:!forum/gnu.bash.bug

As details are available, I will update this post. I promise. I’m fond of bash. I’ve given basic level talks on it (

It really is a highly influential piece of software that anyone in infrastructure work (linux based) uses daily to earn money or to just improve the quality of free software.

Call for help:

Lately I’ve been having a terrible time at scheduling things with my family as well as in the community in North-east Ohio. Mostly conflicts, sadly which prevent me from allocating my time for these types of excitements.

Hence the sense of urgency of this post here. If you the reader in any way shape or form wish to assist with the two excitements above, please email me at so we all can plan to make this an awesome Akron experience.




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