TechPint II Akron


Tonight was an interesting night. Instead of heading home, I decided to volunteer my time video taping the TechPint II Akron event – which I got the tickets for literally hours before the event. Don’t ask me who, but some higher power was compelling me to do so. Later I’ll find out, I was rightfully needed at the event.

Parking was difficult, but I had prepared to be there before time so I did find some parking under the Y bridge in Akron. Jilly’s Music Room is only a short walk from there.

I was greeted by the greeters wearing TechPint t-shirts, and they couldn’t find me on the roster (rightfully so, I did sign up last minute). They quickly jotted down my  name and allowed me to enter.

First order of business was to contact Paul (the host) and ask him a simple question: “is the event going to be video taped”. Paul said no, but gave me a big thumbs up when I offered to video the event. Yep, I was rightfully needed at the event.

I setup my camera and then started to recognize familiar faces. Some former co-workers from Laird Technologies (formerly Summit Data Communciations). Some new faces as well.

The talks began at 6:30p sharp. There seemed to be some people in the front of Jilly’s Music Room that were networking throughout the talk, but most of the attendance heard what the speakers had to say intently – I’d say with childish curiosity.

At this point, I’d like to say that I moved to Akron three years ago and thus far hadn’t seen an event such as this. My heart grew three sizes right about now – Akron pride of course.

I didn’t want to ruin Paul’s event so refrained very much from expressing myself. On my own blog – I’d like to say this:


I’ll tell you why:

  • I learned about new companies doing great things
  • I spoke with people from a very diverse background
  • The speakers really made everyone feel comfortable and spoke in detail about their experiences in a no holds barred fashion
  • Food was awesome
  • I was fortunate to have drinks during such an event and communicate – best of both professional and personal joys
  • I was able to volunteer my DSLR

After the talks ended, everyone grabbed food, drinks and got to networking. Ken Burns said earlier that TechPint would be an event I’d like to witness – I’d be on cloud 9. Well I rightfully was.

Oh .. the videos. Yes. I did upload them to my channel on youtube, and setup a playlist in case you, the reader did not witness TechPint II Akron.

Few things about the videos:

  • It was ridiculously low-light conditions for a DSLR video. Apologies on behalf of the electronics housed in my Sony A65.
  • The DSLR’s house microphone did pickup chatter in the front of Jilly’s Music Room, so yes it sounds like a subway station. If someone learned in the dark arts of audio signals wishes to give me hookups to the house audio equipment, I’ll gladly like to learn how to feed the mic’s direct input to my camera – but until then – guerrilla videography is all I can offer.
  • For some portion of Ron’s interview with Paul, I had to swap my battery. Don’t expect it to be there. It wasn’t that much of footage loss however.

For the super impatient, two links that will lead you to the video playlist on youtube:

Here are all five parts of the videos I shot at the event:






I did focus on videography, but took a few below average photos too. Find them on my flickr set for the event here:

For some awesome photos, checkout EricReplied’s photos on his photoset here:

Here’s wishing the next TechPint II Akron happens soon. I will try to volunteer videography for that as well. Gladly, because, wait for it:



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