SparkAK I – Akron’s Entrepreneurship Weekend


Those who’ve met me, know that I am a guerrilla videographer. When I heard SparkAK was being organized, due to family commitments I couldn’t participate in the event to create a business. So, I chose to do the next best thing – volunteer guerrilla photography!

I had fun Friday night when I met with all participants, and took a few good shots till everyone had to leave for the night.

I returned Sunday for the pitches. I’m glad I captured some good shots of the teams hard at work preparing their pitches in OSC Tech Lab’s beautiful 6th floor office space.

Towards the tail end of the event, I planned on the spur of the moment, to capture shots of the individual teams themselves.

Relive the following memorable moments in the slideshow below:

  • Spot Alex in the photos – where in the world is Alex Kot!
  • Katie gets a surprise birthday party – cupcakes! She was speechless, thanks Meghan!
  • Paul’s best slides on what not to say in a pitch to VCs
  • Watch Darrell and Chris shoot the videos for the event, thanks Akronist!
  • Nick deciding the order of the pitches

Here’s the direct link to the photo-set on flickr:

SparkAK Flickr Set

Here’s the winning team from the event – Handshake – an app for writing contracts collaboratively:


Here are the other teams that I hope will continue their journey of building a startup in Northeast Ohio:

JoePro – an app that aims to provide remote assistance with DIY projects:


Be Healthy – an app that aims to track calories in your diet better than apps of today:


Non-fat, extra whip – an app that aims to expedite orders placed for coffee at coffee shops:


Finally, if there are a few less than polished pictures I shot, I apologize in advance – that’s the guerilla part of my volunteering efforts. Its more of a ‘have a camera, will use it kind of deal’ 😉


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