ClevelandJS hosts AngularJS meetup

I was able to attend Cleveland Javascript meetup today.

I shot some videos as I noticed no one was taping them. Thanks to the presenters – Michael,  Dan, James and Anurag I am now aware of AngularJS. I’ll be sure to use it for a few projects this year.

Networking with the host Lindsey from Hyland Software, I learned they had some audio-video equipment handy. I asked her to check if in addition to sponsoring ClevelandJS, they could sponsor the videography as well. We’ll see where that goes.

I added the videos I shot to my channel on youtube, am linking all the parts below individually so folks can see them.

I apologize for the audio quality – the DSLR’s are known for their outdated onboard condenser mics. Hopefully I’ll give Joe a call soon and learn about the mic he mentioned he used for his Cleveland Ruby (CLERB) talk.

For the super impatient, I setup a playlist of all the individual videos. Access the playlist by clicking either links below – second one auto-plays (thanks Youtube!):

Video parts:









Happy scripting you all!


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