Code for America launches (Trailsy)

So, I wrote earlier this year about Code for America starting a project in Akron.

Well, today the project was released to the public for beta testing!

Code for America announcement here:

Local press release here:

Check out the application here:

The creators of this piece of software aim to solve the problem of mapping Cuyahoga Valley National Parks’ extensive trails that covers Summit and Cuyahoga counties.

See if you can use it via a browser on your computer or phone.

Chances are if you like the trails today, you’ll love them tomorrow.

Also, if you don’t see a feature, feel free to contribute the feature in your mind on the project’s github account:

If you’re in town (Cleveland/Akron), be sure to visit these fine meetups if this is not enough information for you:

If you’re interested in the technologies used for all of this:

Oh, and thanks to the Ohio and Erie Canal Coalition and other partners for opening up their data!

Happy Mapping!


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