SYN/HAK at Oddmall 2013

Today, I worked on a project (a wooden sail boat, <pic to follow later>) with my son in the morning at Home Depot, and then went to my first visit at Oddmall.

I arrived at Clarion Inn and met Craig and Matt at our very own table that Andy graciously provided SYN/HAK in one of the halls at Oddmall, it looked great!

The night before, Chris and Torrie worked on a project that involved getting a group of three hard drives to make music – yes music! I learned from Matt, that at Oddmall our table didn’t have any power, but that didn’t deter us from showing the attendees how we built our musical hard drives, at least mechanically. Here are some photos from the night before:

Musical Hard Drives 1/3
Musical Hard Drives 1/3
Musical Hard Drives 2/3
Musical Hard Drives 2/3
Musical Hard Drives 3/3
Musical Hard Drives 3/3

If you visited SYN/HAK’s booth, but didn’t get to see the hard-drives do their thing, checkout Torrie’s Google Plus post here:

I’ll try to embed the video, let’s see if this works 🙂

Musical Hard Drives

In preparation for Oddmall, we picked a few 3D printed parts for display as well. Some attendees were amused that we 3D printed mustache’s (it being Movember and all), and a pen stand.

For some, seeing a part printed with a 3D printer was a treat. I hope a lot of attendees do get to learn how to use machine tools, and other tools we provide at SYN/HAK and keep making things!

I met some really talented artists at Oddmall and had a great time.

I’d have to say though, the best part of the event for me was a visit from Doctor Who’s Tardis! (Oops, I mean Heather)

Tardis Heather
Tardis Heather

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